Video: Vostit Video Email

A vision for the new world of video mail

Vostit Video email apps
Apple iOS Video email App
Android video email App
Join Vostit by opening up either a Premium, Business or Business Pro account.
Easily record your VOSTIT message of up to ten minutes long on any computer with a webcam. Also, check out our graphic add-ons library fantastic to customise your video email.
Send a VOSTIT message to all your contacts at the same time.
  • Send a webcam video up to 3 minutes long to any email contact.
  • Dashboard management of account, including saved videos and contact lists.
  • Customisation including uploading your photograph alongside video and fabulous graphic add-ons.
  • Send a video up to 10 minutes long to any email contact.
  • Brand the graphics to your company colours including displaying logo.
  • Embed Vostit videos on websites & blogs.
  • Ability to upload & download videos.
  • Designed for those who need to send email videos to very large groups, from 2,000 – 1,000,000 contacts.
  • Highly customisable including a publicly viewable video wall.
  • The ultimate marketing tool for the modern business.
"Vostit is a great way to communicate with my clients; they can see I care about our relationship" - Andrew Hapgood
"Vostit is a no brainer, an essential marketing tool for me" – Ali
"…great way to increase interest in our new product" – Sarah Watkins
  • Vostit video email is a wonderful way to communicate with family, friends and business colleagues.
  • A Vostit video mail is so much more personal than a conventional email, and so much better.
  • Vostit is very easy to join and uses your existing email address.
  • It's affordable and incredibly easy to use. Your family, friends and colleagues will love receiving your Vostit video mail.
  • Vostit video mail is a business must have.